What's Krack'n? Skin Care Restores and Replenishes Dry Cracked Skin


What's Krack'n?
from Nature's 22

Created by Stephen A. DeSantis, MD, FACS
General and Trauma Surgeon and Inventor of the Nature's 22 formula for What's Krack'n? skin care restoration balm

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Water Bearer

Restore and replenish dry, cracked skin with What's Krack'n?
skin restoration balm










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What's Krack'n?TM Skin Restoration Balm Restores and Replenishes
Dry, Cracked Skin

Developed by a trauma surgeon with 20+ years' experience developing the product

Contains only the most natural and organic compounds for optimal skin restoration

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Whats Krack'n? Skin Care BalmNatural and organic ingredients
No petroleum
Convenient, easy to use tube
Handmade in small batches to ensure quality
Effective for lips, hands, cuticles, feet, elbows and anywhere your skin is dry and cracked
We use Fair trade-certified and organic ingredients when possible
Patent pending

What's Krack'n? is comparable to products promoted by Origins, Jurlique, Saffronrouge, Skinbotanica, WebMD, Amazon, Olay, Dr. Hauschka and Burts Bees.

What's Krack'n?
is made of and promotes all natural ingredients and provides effective, natural skin care for healthy skin. What's Krack'n? helps restore dry skin, chapped, cracked lips and dry lips.

"I live in Alaska and my wife and I have been plagued with cracked hands and feet. The cold dry climate, combined with working outside most of the time, caused painful, open and sometimes bleeding cracks on fingers, heels and toes. We've tried all kinds of ointments and remedies and nothing had worked consistently except What's Krackin. There are no products presently available in stores up here that can beat it."

Alaskan Customer
November, 2013

How the Nature's 22 formula was perfected for 20 years

I am a general and trauma surgeon with over thirty years of experience. I have been compounding my own hand conditioning products since 1990. Over the years, “scrubbing in” and alcohol-containing antiseptics wrecked havoc on my hands. Cracked and dry skin was a continual problem for me. Excellent skin integrity was the primary requirement of surgeons of the past. This requirement would have disqualified me in the pre-glove era of a century ago. Even with gloves, I had to work out a solution to maintain my skin integrity in order to continue in my profession. The Nature's 22 formula was born.

With its success, I have been able to continue my practice in general and trauma surgery to this day. I have made countless batches of my compound and supplied nurses and patients with it for years with great results.  As the formula has evolved, the rapidity of skin restoration has improved. The current formula, which was perfected in April of 2012, is the result of feedback from many health care professionals and colleagues.  I use only the most natural and organic compounds available to achieve optimum skin restoration. The twenty-two natural and organic ingredients used are the direct result of my 20+ years of experimentation and refinement.

In order to demonstrate its effectiveness, I refrained from its use for several weeks. You can see the stunning before and after pictures. With just one week’s use, my hands improved greatly, even while I was performing daily surgery.

If it can help me, it can help you! Let my years of experience with this formula transform your skin in as little as one week.


Stephen A. DeSantis M.D., FACS


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Ingredients: Bees wax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Flax seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Baobab Oil, Carrot Seed Oil,
Arnica Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Oil, Balsam Fir Oil, Vitamins D, E & A Oil. We use Fair trade-certified and organic ingredients when possible. Patent pending.

Apply to affected areas as needed or several times per day.
External use only.


Dr. Stephen A. DeSantis: TIME magazine interview
Stephen A. DeSantis, MD, is a well-known trauma surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Mission Viejo Hospital in Mission Viejo, California. He developed What's Krack'n? during a period of more than twenty years. Click here for his April, 2012, interview conducted by "TIME" magazine.


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